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Delayed or Right on Time?

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Have you ever had a situation in your life where no matter how much you prayed, no matter how many goals you made, no matter what actions you took, your situation just wouldn't change for the better?  Like all your attempts were being throttled, leaving you feeling like you were constantly swimming against a tide you could never beat? 

Have you ever desperately wanted to be at a different point in your life but were stuck in the same place instead? Have you ever fought against life's "delays," these periods of waiting where no change comes, only to find yourself running in circles, winding up right back where you started? 

All I can say is perhaps these situations that we struggle against, the ones we try to resist, aren't being taken away because we have to be in them. Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned. Or maybe we must accept them. Perhaps things don't change because God doesn't want them to change  -- at least not for the time being.

Maybe the delay will make our faith stronger. Maybe it'll refine us, correct us. Maybe it'll help us grow in humility, patience, and virtue. Maybe it'll change our perspective, making us realize that what we thought needed changing are actually how they should be. Maybe it'll make us wait a little longer until we, or that opportunity, are ready. Maybe whatever we're waiting for will never come, and that God is using this period to redirect our desires to be aligned with his will. 

The grueling thing about these delays is that we never really know why they happen until after the fact. We just have to stick it out for the time being. And quite frankly, the process is difficult. But to give it meaning is to give it value, so rest with the assurance that none of this will be in vain. 

Although things seem delayed, trust that everything is right on time.  

"Faith is centered in who God is, not in my circumstances ... that is why there is always hope. I have a constant sense throughout this storm that God arranged it. He's been in control of every little step. I have deep conviction that, with God, I am right on schedule." - Anonymous

Habakkuk 2:3



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