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When Nothing Falls Into Place

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You know what I mean when I talk about those people who seem to have everything together: they know exactly who they are, exactly where they're headed, and are miraculously able to balance every part of their lives -- from work, to school, to spiritual growth, to relationships, to personal health, to well-being. Of course, no one is actually "perfect" -- some people just seem to be. And if you're one of those people, that's great. Celebrate it. It's worth being proud of, especially if it's taken you so long to get there. 

But for some of us, things don't seem to be coming together AT ALL. As in nada. For some of us, it's like the puzzle pieces of our lives are still scattered, nothing falling into place. It's like the dots are sporadic, not yet connecting. It's like every door we try to enter slams shut in our face, or all our ventures wind up being dead-ends. It's like every shoe we try on doesn't fit, or every opportunity we take is like squeezing ourselves into a role we were never meant for.   

Some of us have found clarity and direction; others have found nothing but murkiness. Some of us have found lasting joy and peace; others just feel persistent restlessness. We all go through different seasons. We all have different life stories. This is natural. 


Not much, truthfully. Only to have faith that one day things will be different.   

That one day all of this will matter in the end and not a single detail will be insignificant. That one day, all those dead-ends will redirect us to the paths we were meant to take. That one day those closed doors will lead us to other doors we were meant to enter. That one day all those scattered dots will connect into a beautiful picture in hindsight. 

One day we will discover that the restlessness in our hearts was an inner refusal to settle for less than God Himself. One day we'll realize that the times we refused to settle for people/opportunities that just weren't "right" for us were worth all the people/opportunities that were. And one day we'll learn that the uncertainty we dealt with was God's way of teaching us how to trust in Him. 

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1 


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