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This New Year: Wait, Hope, & Trust

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There is no way we can predict what'll happen in the new year, but one thing's for sure: change will occur. Whether it's deliberately sought out, or whether it hits us by surprise, 3 things will always remain in our power to do: to WAIT, HOPE & TRUST.

The following hymn describes it beautifully in italics.

During times of DELIBERATE change, like keeping resolutions, the process can be painfully slow. We are called to WAIT. 

Wait when the seed is planted,
Wait for the rain to fall;
Wait for the restless green sprout,
Wait while the plant grows tall.
Wait for the coming Savior,
Wait through the heart’s slow race;
Wait for the kingdom’s dawning,
Wait till we see His face!

During times of UNEXPECTED change, we might feel lost in the dark. We are called to HOPE.

Hope when the sun is setting,
Hope through the dark of night;
Hope though the moon is waning,
Hope as we long for light.
Hope for the coming Savior,
Hope through the heart’s slow race;
Hope for the kingdom’s dawning,
Hope till we see his face!

During times of INEVITABLE change, we might dread the seasons of life. But we are called to TRUST. 

Trust in the new spring’s promise,
Trust through the summer’s heat;
Trust in the dying autumn,
Trust through the winter sleet.
Trust in the coming Savior,
Trust in the heart’s slow race;
Trust in the kingdom’s dawning,
Trust till we see his face!

As I said before, we can't predict everything that'll happen in the coming year -- but maybe we don't have to. Maybe all we need is to WAIT, HOPE, & TRUST in the Lord, always. He's got us in the palm of His hand and will never let go. Best believe it.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your 2014 be filled with many blessings. <3 

Ecclesiastes 3 // Proverbs 3:5-6 // Matthew 10:29-31

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