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Disney's "Frozen": Top 3 Lessons on TRUE LOVE

The Disney movie "Frozen" captured my heart for SO MANY reasons -- good music, cute story line, lovable characters -- but what I loved most were its LESSONS. Seriously. Good job, Disney. If you haven't watched it yet, WATCH IT. It's the kind of movie that speaks to every woman, regardless of our differences (at least I hope so!).

** SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed to read if you don't want parts of the movie 'spoiled' for you. Don't say I didn't warn you. :P **

  1. From Elsa: Accept Yourself.
  2. From Anna: Guard Your Heart.
  3. From Elsa & Anna: True Love Comes in Many Forms. 

Pope John Paul II explains in Theology of the Body that "Man cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of self."  

In some ways, I think that's exactly what Elsa and Anna learned to do. Whether it was by offering their powers for the good of the community, or offering their hearts to someone who could love them properly, they learned to value themselves first as gifts in order to make that "sincere gift of self." 

To do the same, we must learn to see ourselves through God's eyes: as precious and valuable daughters (and sons) of God. Nothing less.

Psalm 139:12-16 

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