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Benefits of WAITING: One's Worst Enemy & Best Friend

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It's easy to feel discouraged when bad things happen in our lives, but it can be just as hard when good things don't happen -- when we wait for better things to come around, but they fall short of reality.

We keep our chins up, trying to stay positive, but deep inside, a mounting feeling of disillusionment grows. We question why we've held on for so long, letting ourselves hope and pray for something that just isn't coming. Where is the job we've waited for after months of unemployment? Where is that special someone we've prayed for all these years? Where is that opening to get enrolled back in school? Where is the answer to that vocation we've discerned for? Where is the end to this depression/spiritual dryness we've endured for so long--for too long?

Then the "Blame Game" begins. We blame 'luck' or 'destiny', that our time will never come. We blame ourselves, that somehow, despite all our efforts, we're not good enough. We blame God for not answering our prayers, regardless of how faithful we've been to Him. We've fought long and hard, but our victories haven't come.


But take heart, for from this waiting comes great fruits:


Ultimately, we wait because we'll learn more from waiting than we would if we immediately got what we wanted. It's an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and what we're truly capable of, and to learn more about God and His faithfulness.

So if you're put through the trial of waiting, know that you are blessed: God wants to do something great in your life. Hold on tight, because the fruits of your trial will be unimaginable! "When you feel like God is doing nothing, that's probably when He is doing the most." 

Proverbs 3:5-6 // James 5:7-8 // Isiah 40:31 // Psalm 27:13-14 


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