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"THE LIST": Top 6 Things Women (Should) Look for in Men

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Women long for intimacy and connection. It doesn't matter where it comes from--a friend, family member, boyfriend/husband--the fact remains the same: we yearn for someone to share our lives with, someone who'll witness us at our lowest points and also times of celebration, someone who'll understand our hopes and dreams, fears and aspirations (sounds like something you'd hear in a chick flick, right?).

Usually this is imagined in a 'significant other'. We dream up "The List" -- top qualities we hope to find in a 'significant other' -- and usually it tells us something about our standards, what we will or will not settle for.

Yet no matter how unique our Lists are, I believe there are 6 things that EVERY woman deserves in a relationship, 6 things that should never be compromised. Check'em out and see if you agree!


Top 6 qualities every woman should look for in a man:
  1. Unconditional Love
  2. Brings Out the Best in You
  3. Inspiring
  4. Self-Sacrificing
  5. Communicates
  6. Instills Hope
So that's it: The top 6 things that every woman should look for in a relationship. Until then, never settle for less... Because you deserve nothing less. 


Here's the mind-blowing part: The more I studied that list, the more this realized that the One who carries all those qualities already exists: Jesus Christ. Seriously, re-read those qualities and tell me if it's true.

He is the One who loves us unconditionally, no matter how unworthy we are. He is the One who constantly forgives, never failing to pursue us. He is the One who helps us become all that we can be, the One who constantly showers us with new wisdom. He is the One who gives us hope when everything looks bleak, the One who wants us to approach Him in all honesty through prayer. And He is the ultimate definition of 'self-sacrificing', enduring the greatest suffering to show us the greatest love.

Whether you're single, married, or going into religious life, the fact is that Jesus Christ is the same One who quenches our longing for intimacy and connection. Our longing is there for a reason; we yearn for Him.

So walk away with these 3 things in mind:

  1. If you're discerning for a relationship/marriage, never compromise these 6 qualities. Any relationship that doesn't bring you closer to Christ isn't worth investing in. Anything that does will be the most beautiful, incomprehensible, amazing love you could ever imagine.
  2. As you wait for a 'significant other' who embodies these qualities, work on yourself so that you could also offer him the same things.
  3. Realize that the type of Love you dream of is already available to you in Jesus Christ :) No need to feel like you are lacking or incomplete. 
Ephesians 5:25  // 1 John 4:19 


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