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Doing What Works for YOU

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Sometimes we use other people's lives as standards for how we should live our own. A friend graduates from university and you think, "I should've graduated by now too." A friend gets married and you think, "I should be married by now too." A friend gets a promotion and you think, "I should've been promoted by now too." You get the point.

We compare our lives with others, feeling inadequate when elements in theirs aren't in ours. We immediately think that something must be "lacking" or "wrong".


We go through seasons, but at different times--some of us are in the midst of exciting change, while others are in trial and adversity, and others are in healing and renewal. With different needs and unique vocations, is it really fair to keep holding other people's lives as standards for our own?

So here's my advice: Do what works for YOU.

If your friends are getting married and settling down, yet you still dream of advancing your career, do it! If your friends are comfortable in the suburbs, but you want to see the world, do it! If your friends know what career to pursue, but you're still undecided, respect yourself and do what it takes to discover your passions! If it takes you 2 months to lose weight, but your friends need only 1, work twice as hard to work it off rather than blame yourself for being "flawed"! If your friends are in relationships, but you're content living single and free, let it be!

Stop feeling so ashamed. You're different, not flawed. Respect your unique journey, your unique timing, your unique season, and your unique self.

Ecclesiastes 3


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