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Spring Cleaning Your Life (Part 2): RIGHT MINDSET

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Last week's post (Part 1) was the weed-plucking stage: removing the negative baggage from our lives to make space for the new. Now with the soil cleared up, it's time to plant seeds -- seeds in the form of the "right mindset".


Mindset #1: Embrace Discomfort 
It sounds odd at first, but discomfort is the prerequisite for growth. Progress is rarely achieved without willingness to take risks or to challenge ourselves, and that usually means facing uncertainty. Take, for example, a person who really wants to build muscle mass but has never gone to the gym before. Yeah, the strain of lifting weights is uncomfortable (not to mention intimidating as heck being surrounded by experienced gym-goers!), but it's the only way to build muscle. So don't let discomfort discourage you when working towards your goals. Stick it out.

Mindset #2: Don't Compare Yourself to Anyone
We all progress at different rates and have different strengths and weaknesses, so there's no point comparing yourself to others (it's a sure recipe to discouragement). Instead, aim for your personal best!

Mindset #3: Have Patience & Keep Practicing
Reward progress--even if it's in small increments. Success doesn't happen overnight, but with patience, you'll get there. Also remember that "not yet" doesn't mean "never"--you may fail the first or tenth time, but with practice, you can succeed. Keep at it.

Mindset #4: Accept Yourself -- Always
This is absolutely crucial: love yourself as you are. No matter what. Many people set out to improve themselves, remaining unhappy until after they finally "succeed". You know the monologue: "I'll accept myself after I lose ten pounds ..." or "I'll accept myself after I get that job ..." But the thing is, you don't deserve that. You don't deserve be put off when it comes to having unconditional love. So make a pact to love yourself in any state; your happiness doesn't have to wait!


With these 4 mindsets, we'll be equipped for next week's theme: Goal Setting. Happy Spring cleaning! =)
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